What is Wordle Wallet?

It is a word game prepared for mobile platforms, earning crypto asset rewards. By The Wordle Wallet, wordplay offers you fun, earnings and new learning. The gameplay is in a structure that requires you to guess the words asked to you based on the number of letters in the word. Each game consists of 12 words, and when these words are known in order, you will be given the 12-word secret codes of the digital wallet, which is the prize of the game. This way, you don't have to wait to get the prize when you win the game. The first player to know the 12th word has obtained the full usage rights of the wallet.

How do Digital Wallets work?

You can connect to digital wallets, which form the basis of the game, via the internet and store your crypto assets. Although these wallets are stored with the password you set on your device with security, when you want to access the wallet with a different device, you must know the secret words consisting of 12 words and given to you in the establishment of the wallet, in order. Digital wallet installations related to these words provide the necessary information. If “Secret Phrase”s are known by another person, they can access that wallet with a different device. It does not need the password on your installed device for this!

Why is Wordle Wallet different?

Many play to earn games promise you the prize and when you succeed, they change the information on the game's server. Thus, you try to get your reward with the method allowed by the system. But WordleWallet gives you direct access to your reward. As soon as you know the words of the wallet you are competing with, you do not have to apply to another authority as you gain wallet access.

What are the Wordle Wallet game types?

As the WW team, we offer you more rewards with premium wallet rewards as well as standard wallet games in order to make the game more exciting and profitable. In addition to the rewards you will earn in standard wallets, you will earn Premium Stars for every word you know and for every friend you invite with your reference to WW. With these star rewards, you can log into Premium wallets or take advantage of the help options in the game.

What happens to the won wallets?

As soon as you know the 12th word in a game, this game will end for other users. You can see the other players you compete with in the same wallet by the blue bars between the game keyboard and the prediction boxes.

How many prizes are there in a game?

The wallet, which is the prize of the game, is presented to you on the prediction boxes in every game you log in. You can see your wallet content from the blockchain monitoring sites bscscan.com for BNB Chain, etherscan.com for ETH Chain, and Polygon etc. In addition, the minimum amount you will earn from this wallet is specified in the game.

How can you use the crypto asset in the wallet of the game you won?

To use the wallet, it is enough to set up a new wallet by entering the words of the wallet you have won in one of the digital wallet interfaces such as trustwallet, metamask and safepal in the order of “secret phrase”. If the assets in the wallet are not supported by the interface you are using, you should try adding tokens manually.