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Crypto Assets on
Digital Wallet Prizes

The most popular word game of 2022 was forked from wordle
but we create anything else.

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Want to steal high-value crypto wallets?

You will feel like a hacker with this amazing and unusual game.

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Wordle Wallet now available for download.
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Wordle Wallet
An Easy Word Game

As a word game, but you will found secret phrase for prize digital wallets

  • Life Chance

    You will have new life every 8 hours.

  • Referrals

    Invite your friends and earn points.

  • Digital Wallet

    Valuable crypto wallets will be yours.

  • Crypto Currencies

    You will get the chance to win real money.

iPhone Frame
  • React Native

    Wordle wallet was developed with the react native library.

  • Mobile Games

    We develop wallet games for the crypto world.


    We are presenting our first major project after SIF Token under the auspices of SIFIRINCIFILO.


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